About Us

Hi there! Let us introduce ourselves. We at ActiveDim are a small team based in the Netherlands and we wanted to create the most amazing - full featured – highest quality pair of sunglasses you will ever own. After a long process we eventually launched the ActiveDim glasses at the beginning of 2020 (we know, amazing timing…) but even with everything going on in the world we were able to survive. We just needed the right audience to show it to because the glasses themselves do the selling. So welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate you!

You may wonder why we thought it was a great idea to create and sell a pair of sunglasses in an insanely competitive market. There are already countless other sunglasses brands so why would you buy with us? Great question and let me explain:

Does this sound familiar:

"Oh, you want your already $100+ pair to be polarized? Of course, that option will be an extra $40. What about photochromic lenses? You are already paying a lot, so $50 extra won't matter that much right?"

And you are still getting a plastic frame....

Well, as you can imagine were done with the active sunglasses industry offering their sunglasses with an extreme price tag. So, we created the ActiveDim sunglasses. With all the features you could possibly want plus an extremely durable Aluminum Magnesium alloy frame. So, the highest possible quality for an amazing price

Then you might wonder, why the name ActiveDim? Well, allow me to elaborate. The ActiveDim glasses are activity focused sunglasses. So perfectly suitable for all kinds of sports or activities. That’s where the “Active” part came from and if you are just going to use them to relax, we won’t judge. The fact that you are wearing them already improves your speed and stamina by 200% (not backed by science but we like to think they do). And the “Dim” part relates to the Photochromic properties of the glasses. They DIM when it is sunny outside. We know, our genius is almost frightening.


I just want to end with that we really appreciate you and because of you we can keep providing the most amazing sunglasses to whomever wants them.

If you have any questions about us, the ActiveDim glasses or you just want to annoy Benjamin (our customer support agent) with mind boggling questions, please contact us via info@activedim.com.

Yours truly,

Founder & CEO