▪   Photochromic: The lenses change their tint automatically under different lighting conditions. The stronger the sunlight is, the darker the lenses will be

▪   UV400: The lenses block all harmful rays to keep your eyes 100% safe

▪   Polarized: Our lenses help reduce strain on the eyes, increases visual comfort and more importantly, dramatically increase visual clarity by reducing glare. In addition to all this, you can experience the world in brilliant colors with more contrast than ever before

▪   High Definition: Guarantees a clear vision at night, sunny days and cloudy days

▪   Indestructible Frame: Magnesium & Aluminum alloy frame, extreme durability while remaining ultralight 

▪   Comfortable to wear: The combination of being fully adjustable and the use of  specialized hinges will guarantee a perfect fit on all face shapes and sizes. All contactpoints are made of high grade silicon for maximum comfort and guaranteed to stay on your face at all times.